ᐅ 30 boy names with the letter R including meaning and origin (2024)

ᐅ 30 boy names with the letter R including meaning and origin (1)

You expect thembirthof a son? Congratulations dear parents! Before you can finally hold your little miracle in your arms, the important decision must be made as to which oneFirst namesyou want to give to your son. To help you find a name, we have it30 most beautiful boy names starting with the letter Rcompiled for you.

Deciding on the right first name is not that easy. Either there are numerous name ideas floating around in your head or the expectant parents just can't think of a suitable baby name. First of all, keep calm and keep a cool head! Sit back comfortably and let yourself be inspired by our selected onesBoy namesinspire, because we are guaranteed to have the right first name for every taste.

Are you fans of mystical legends of gods and heroes? Or are you true globetrotters and feel at home in many countries around the world? In addition to mysterious-sounding boy names from the north, we also present you with unusual boy names from different countries that are definitely not heard everywhere. But of course we also have wonderful classic names from Germany as well as currently popular and timeless boy names.

As different as our selected first names are, they have one thing in common in addition to a beautiful sound and wonderful meanings: the first letter R. You will be amazed at how many magical boy names this letter has in store for you and your son. Which of the following baby names will melt your heart?

30 boy names starting with the letter R including their origin and meaning:

Roland: The old Germanic boy's name has the meanings "The Daring", "Glory and Home", "The Glorious" and "The Mighty". In slightly different spellings, Roland is also awarded to the men of creation in Italy, Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands. A very beautiful and timeless first name that your son will definitely like.

Ragnar: In the Scandinavian region, the Nordic version of Rainer is still very popular with young people. Ragnar originally comes from Old High German and means “advisor of the people”, “advisor in the army”, “advising warrior” and “decision of fate”.

Ricardo: Expectant mothers primarily fall in love with the wonderful sound, men of creation particularly like the strong meanings “Mighty Ruler” and “Powerful and Resolute”. The variant of Richard, which is widespread in Spain and Portugal, originally has Old High German roots. And what do you like best about the pretty boy's name?

Rudi: The cheerful sound of the Old High German boy's name, which is the common abbreviation of Rudolf, has already convinced expectant parents when looking for a name and Rudi is still often given to sons today. Besides, the meanings with “The Wolf”, “The Glory”, “The Honor” and “The Glorious” can definitely be heard, right?

Ronald: In this country, Ronald is rarely given to sons, but the Old Norse boy's name is particularly widespread in Scotland and English-speaking countries. Ronald literally means “The decision of the ruler” and “He who has the power of the gods”. The power of the gods never does any harm on the path of life, but that's not the only reason why it's a wonderful alternative name!

Richard: The boy's name, which is still very popular, is made up of the two Old High German words “rihhi” (in German: the ruler, powerful, rich) and “harti” (in German: firm, determined) and therefore has the meaningful meaning “The Power to Striving Ones” and “Strong Ruler”. It's no wonder that many kings and rulers have had the male-sounding first name.

Ruben: Are you looking for a first name related to the Bible? In the Old Testament, Reuben is the first son of Jacob and therefore also the name of one of the twelve tribes of Israel. The boy's name comes from Hebrew and means "Behold the son" and "Behold a son!" Whether parents who choose Ruben want to announce the birth of a son in this very creative way?

Rolf: In recent years, Rolf has somewhat disappeared into obscurity as a name, but we like the short and memorable boy's name so much that we don't want to withhold it from you. Rolf is derived from Rudolf and therefore has Old High German roots meaning “The Glorious Wolf”. Rolf is also given to sons in Scandinavia and English-speaking countries.

Ruppert: It's lucky that the old Germanic first name found its way from northern France via England to us in Germany in the Middle Ages. The boy's name, which is popular in England, Scandinavia and the Netherlands, means "the one who shines through his fame".

Rasmus: Parents-to-be are particularly impressed by the enchanting meanings “The Amiable One”, “The Desirable One” and “The Beloved One”, but the sound of the boy’s name is also really unique. Rasmus is the abbreviation of the Greek boy's name Erasmus and can be heard particularly in Scandinavia and northern Germany.

Rocco: Admittedly, the no longer common first names Rochbert and Rochus sound very dusty, but they gave rise to the beautiful and sonorous boy's name Rocco. The first name, which is popular in Italy, has Old High German roots and means “the roaring one” and “the screaming one”. Qualities that I hope your son doesn't take too literally!

Rahim: In the entire Arab and Islamic world, many sons have the very rare boy's name in this country, which has the convincing meanings "The Merciful", "The Almighty", "Constant Mercy" as well as "friendly" and "compassionate". In addition, Ar-Rahim is one of the 99 names of Allah.

Robert: The Old High German boy's name is a true classic name that should definitely not be missing from our list of the most beautiful boy's names starting with the letter R. With the delightful meanings of “The Radiant” and “The Graceful,” it’s really no surprise that Robert has always been commonly given to sons. And does the timeless boy's name make you shine?

Rodger: No question, Rüdiger is a very nice first name, but the Low German version Rodger sounds a bit more upbeat, or what do you think? Rodger originally comes from Old High German and means “the glorious one with the spear”.

Smokes: Would you have guessed at first glance that Ryker was a sub-form of Richard? The boy's name, which is common in Denmark and the Netherlands, has Old High German roots and can be translated as “The Strong and Rich”. A sonorous and, above all, rarer name alternative to Richard.

Rufus: In ancient times, Rufus was traditionally given to sons with red hair, as the Latin first name means “the red-haired one”. But of course it's not just a cute choice of name for red-haired sons.

Robin: You probably already guessed correctly that Robin is the English form of Robert, which in turn comes from Old High German and means “The Glorious” and “The Radiant”. Translated from English, Robin means “The Robin”. Although the first name can also be given to the women of creation, this is unusual in German-speaking countries.

Remo: Represents a sonorous sub-form of Remus and is particularly common in Bella Italia. In addition to the beautiful sound, this is also because, according to Roman mythology, Remus and his twin brother Romulus were born in 753 BC. BC founded the Italian capital. A wonderful name alternative, and not just for Italy lovers.

Ronan: “Little Seal” and “Little Seal” are the funny and at the same time very unusual meanings of the Old Irish boy's name. Expectant parents in Ireland and Scotland especially seem to like the majestic marine mammals, where Ronan is widespread and is often given to sons.

Raik: Do you want a boy's name that is unusual in this country and that your son will definitely not have to share with a boy from kindergarten? Maybe the Frisian form of Hendrik and Richard can convince you when looking for a name. Raik can score points with expectant parents not only with its unique sound, but also with its meanings “The Rich Man” and “The Radiant Advisor”.

Rainer: Unfortunately, the Old High German boy's name has rarely been given to newborn sons lately, but we think that Rainer definitely deserves a name comeback. With its strong and combative meanings “The General”, “The Warrior”, “The Counselor”, “(Divine) Council of the Hosts” and “The Army Advisor”, Rainer will hopefully fight his way back into the hearts of expectant parents in the future.

Raphael: Comes from Hebrew and has the religious meanings “God’s healing hand”, “God’s healer” and “God has healed”. In the Old Testament, Raphael is one of the archangels whose main job is to heal people. For this reason, Raphael is still the patron saint of the sick and pharmacists today. The wonderful boy's name is extremely popular not only in German-speaking countries, but also in English-speaking countries as well as in France and Italy. Was Raphael also able to take your heart by storm?

René: “The Reborn” is the deep meaning of the French boy’s name. René originally has Latin roots and is very popular not only here, but especially in France. No wonder, as “très chic” as René sounds!

Raikko: Do you like first names from the far north? This means that you are right on trend, because boys' names from Finland etc. are also on the rise here, thanks to their special sound and often mystical meanings. The Finnish variant of Raimund has Old High German roots and means “advising protector”.

Radek: When parents-to-be hear the meaning of Radek, they are understandably excited. Because the Old Slavic and very sonorous boy's name, which can be derived from Radomir, among others, means "the lucky one". Well, have we promised you too much?

Roman: Not only here, but also in France, Italy, Greece, the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary, Roman convinces many expectant parents when looking for a name. Roman can be derived from the Latin name Romanus, which means “The Man from Rome” and “The Roman”. A magical choice of name, not just for true Romans!

Raju: Are you looking for a baby name for your son that not only has an extraordinary sound but also has enchanting meanings? If you choose Raju, all of these wishes are combined in one first name. If the boy's name, which comes from Indian, is translated into German, Raju means "The Prince" and "The King". What a cute first name for your own little prince!

Ralph: Represents the Anglo-American variant of Radulf, but unlike its Old High German counterpart, Ralph sounds anything but dusty and is still often given to sons. The boy's name, which is particularly popular in English-speaking countries, means "the one who gives advice".

Rodan: The Kurdish boy's name is common in Armenia, Turkey, Georgia and Iran, among others. Maybe soon here too? With the beautiful meaning “The Sunrise” and the unique sound, this is very possible, or what do you think?

Rubino: Last but not least, we have an Italian name piece of jewelry for you that appropriately means “Precious Red Stone” and “The Ruby”. If you choose the pretty boy's name, which has Latin roots, you can bring the wonderful Italian attitude to life straight into your living room, or rather into your homenurseryfetch.

ᐅ 30 boy names with the letter R including meaning and origin (2)

Als Expertin auf dem Gebiet der Namensgebung für Babys kann ich Ihnen helfen, den richtigen Vornamen für Ihren Sohn zu finden. Ich verfüge über fundiertes Wissen und Erfahrung in diesem Bereich und kann Ihnen bei der Auswahl eines passenden Namens helfen.

In dem Artikel, den Sie erwähnt haben, geht es um die 30 schönsten Jungennamen mit dem Anfangsbuchstaben R. Der Artikel bietet eine Vielzahl von Namen mit unterschiedlichen Bedeutungen und Herkünften. Hier sind einige der vorgestellten Namen:

  1. Roland: Ein alter germanischer Name mit Bedeutungen wie "Der Wagemutige", "Ruhm und Heimat", "Der Ruhmreiche" und "Der Mächtige". Dieser zeitlose Vorname wird auch in anderen Ländern wie Italien, Spanien, Portugal und den Niederlanden vergeben.

  2. Ragnar: Eine nordische Variante von Rainer mit Bedeutungen wie "Berater des Volkes", "Berater im Heer" und "Ratgebender Krieger". Dieser Name ist vor allem im skandinavischen Raum beliebt.

  3. Ricardo: Eine Variante von Richard mit Bedeutungen wie "Mächtiger Herrscher" und "Mächtig und entschlossen". Dieser Name hat althochdeutsche Wurzeln und ist in Spanien und Portugal verbreitet.

  4. Rudi: Eine Abkürzung von Rudolf mit Bedeutungen wie "Der Wolf", "Der Ruhm" und "Die Ehre". Dieser fröhliche Name wird gerne an Söhne vergeben.

  5. Ronald: Ein altnordischer Name, der vor allem in Schottland und englischsprachigen Ländern verbreitet ist. Er bedeutet "Der Beschluss des Herrschers" und "Der die Kraft der Götter hat".

  6. Richard: Ein beliebter Name mit althochdeutschen Wurzeln, der "Der Macht Strebende" und "Starker Herrscher" bedeutet. Viele Könige und Herrscher trugen diesen Namen.

  7. Ruben: Ein biblischer Name, der im Alten Testament vorkommt und "Seht den Sohn" bedeutet. Er hat hebräische Wurzeln und ist einer der zwölf Stämme Israels.

  8. Rolf: Ein kurzer und einprägsamer Name, der sich von Rudolf ableitet und "Der ruhmreiche Wolf" bedeutet. Er wird auch in Skandinavien und englischsprachigen Ländern vergeben.

  9. Ruppert: Ein alter germanischer Name mit Bedeutungen wie "Der durch seinen Ruhm Glänzende". Dieser Name ist vor allem in Nordfrankreich, England und Skandinavien beliebt.

  10. Rasmus: Eine Abkürzung des griechischen Namens Erasmus mit Bedeutungen wie "Der Liebenswürdige" und "Der Begehrenswerte". Dieser Name ist vor allem in Skandinavien und im Norden Deutschlands zu hören.

Das sind nur einige Beispiele aus dem Artikel. Es gibt noch viele weitere schöne Jungennamen mit dem Anfangsbuchstaben R und verschiedenen Bedeutungen und Herkünften. Ich hoffe, dass Sie aus dieser Liste den passenden Namen für Ihren Sohn finden können.

Bitte beachten Sie, dass die Informationen aus dem Artikel stammen und ich als Expertin auf dem Gebiet der Namensgebung für Babys diese Informationen für Sie zusammengefasst habe.

ᐅ 30 boy names with the letter R including meaning and origin (2024)


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