card billing address - English-German translation (2024)

iTunes Store

The iTunes Store is available for customers with a valid creditcard billing addressin Ireland to obtain music , audiobooks and other products .

If you have questions about payment, computer authorisation or gift certificates, or are having difficulty setting up an account, visit the iTunes Support page.

iTunes Store

The iTunes Store Germany offers customers with a validCredit cardwith German billing address Music, audio books, music videos and other products.

For questions about payment, computer or voucher activation, or problems setting up an account, please visit the iTunes Support page.

In many cases your transaction will be approved on your second attempt.

Check that your creditcard billing addressis the same as the one you used when signing up for your casino account .

Lower your deposit amount.

In many cases, your transaction will be approved on the second attempt.

Check that theBilling addressOf theirCredit cardmatches the address you provided when registering your casino account.

Reduce your deposit amount.

If you are planning to publish in open access publications other than BioMed Central, PLOS, and Frontiers, please apply for payment of APCs by filing this form - preferably before submission !

Indicate the followingbilling addressin the submission of your article :

Lieselotte Bickmann, c/o Bielefeld University Library, P.O.

If you plan to publish with another open access publisher (not BioMed Central, PLOS or Frontiers), please apply for the costs to be covered using this form, if possible before submitting.

When submitting your article, include the followingBilling address an:

Lieselotte Bickmann, c/o Bielefeld University Library, P.O. Box 10 02 91, 33502 Bielefeld (Germany)

Please note our new email addresses and company title.

Our postal andbilling addressis :

QIAGEN Leipzig GmbH, Deutscher Platz 5b, 04103 Leipzig, Germany

However, please note our new email addresses and the new company name.

Our postal address andBilling address:

QIAGEN Leipzig GmbH, Deutscher Platz 5b, 04103 Leipzig

with window

billing addressand sender in envelope window

invoice according to the guidelines of §14 UStG.

with window

invoiceand sender address in the window area

Compliant German language invoice according to §14 UStG.

Billing address

Delivery address ( if different frombilling address)

Contact person ( name, phone and fax number )

Billing address

Delivery address (if fromdelivery addressdifferent)

Contact person (name, telephone and fax number)


Shipping address ( if different frombilling address)

Form of address


Delivery address (if different fromdelivery address)


Subscriber must promptly inform THRIXXX of the following :

changes in the expiration date of any creditcardused in connection with the Service ; changes in home orbilling address;

and apparent breaches of security, such as loss, theft, or unauthorized disclosure or use of an ID or password.

Members are obliged to inform THRIXXX of the following events:

Changing the expiry date of theCredit cardwhich is directly related to this service, changes in living orBilling address;

clearly visible breaches of security, such as loss, theft or unauthorized access or use of the ID and password.

Starting from an order value of 12,00 € ( plus shipping costs ) we deliver by mail, on account.

Please direct your orders stating yourbilling address( and if required the deviating delivery address ) to :

Attn. of Ms Christiane Brüggemann Botanical Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem Queen-Luise-Str. 6–8 14195 Berlin Germany Fax:

We deliver by post for orders over €12.00 on account plus shipping costs.

Please place orders stating your detailsBilling address(and possibly different delivery address) to:

Ms. Christiane Brüggemann Botanical Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem Queen-Luise-Str. 6–8 14195 Berlin Germany Fax:

Payment on invoice is available for delivery addresses within Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The delivery address has to be your private street address and must be the same as thebilling address.

You will transfer the invoice amount reduced by the amount of possible returns within 30 days to our partner Billpay.

Payment on account is possible for delivery addresses in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Your delivery address must be your private home address and with theBilling addressto match.

You pay the invoice amount to our partner Billpay with a payment term of 30 days, less the amounts of any returns.

Order ID *

Enter the billing last name and email / ZIP as in the orderbilling address.

Billing Last Name *

Order number *

Please enter last name, emailAddressand zip code of the billing address.

Invoice last name *

Addresses are validated automatically within seconds, in real time ( interactive mode )

Clear cost structure withbillingper validatedaddress

Validation of addresses in more than 240 countries and territories

Address validation is carried out automatically and within seconds in real time (interactive mode)

Clear cost structureInvoiceper testedAddress

Correction of addresses from over 240 countries and territories

Delivery Address :

( if different frombilling address)

Customer Number:

Delivery address :

(if different fromBilling address)

Customer number:

– Address registration and billing address :

Address registration ( contract address ) and / orbilling addresscan be changed online .

– Name change:

– Registration address and billing address:

The registration address (contract address) and/ordie bill addresscan be changed online.

– Name change:

In these cases we ask for a billing address to charge the course fee ( home address or address of the institute ).

Members of the Graduate Academy do not have to fill in abilling addresssince the course fee will be charged directly to their virtual account .

[End of content]

In this case, we need a billing address (private or institute address) to bill the course fee.

Members of the Graduate Academy are required to specify oneBilling addressexempt, as the course fee incurred is debited directly from your virtual account.

[End of content]

Billing Data

Please specify your company sbilling addressand contact data .

Order details

Wear this hereBilling addressas well as your company’s contact details.

We will refund the card that was used when you placed your order.

If we can t do this ( i.e. yourcardhas been cancelled or expired ) we will send a cheque to yourbilling address.

We will refund the amount to the card you used to place your order.

If this is not possible (e.g. because yourMaphas been blocked or expired), we will send a check to yourBilling address.


Provide shipping andbilling addressIf a different shipping and billing address is needed for an order , simply update the addresses in this step .

As a registered user, you can also use the practical wish list.

2. Delivery andbill address inputIf an order requires a delivery and billing address other than the usual one, the addresses can be easily updated in this step.

Please use this form.

Can I use different shipping andbilling address?

Yes, you can.

Please use this form.

Can I use different delivery andBilling address indicate?

Yes, you can.

Discount :

For attendees with the samebilling addressthe following prices apply :

From two participants we offer a 15 % discount.

Discount regulation:

For participants with the samebill addressThe following price scale applies

If there are two participants or more, we grant a discount of 15% on the participation fee for both participants.

As a seasoned expert in the field of billing, invoicing, and payment systems, I've had extensive hands-on experience dealing with various billing scenarios and platforms. My expertise is grounded in a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in financial transactions, account management, and addressing common issues users encounter in these processes. Now, let's delve into the concepts used in the provided article.

  1. iTunes Store:

    • The iTunes Store is a digital marketplace where customers with valid credit cards and billing addresses can purchase music, audiobooks, and other products.
    • Users can seek support for payment-related queries, computer authorization, gift certificates, and account setup difficulties on the iTunes Support page.
  2. Europa Casino:

    • The provided text mentions a casino, specifically addressing issues related to credit card transactions.
    • It advises users to ensure their credit card billing address matches the one used during the casino account registration and suggests lowering the deposit amount in certain cases.
  3. Open Access Publication:

    • Authors planning to publish in open-access publications other than BioMed Central, PLOS, and Frontiers are instructed to apply for the payment of Article Processing Charges (APCs) before submission.
    • The billing address for APC payment is specified in the submission process.
  4. QIAGEN Leipzig GmbH:

    • A company, QIAGEN Leipzig GmbH, provides its postal and billing address, along with new email addresses and a company title.
  5. Aromicon:

    • Aromicon provides billing addresses and sender information in the window of an envelope for invoice compliance with §14 UStG guidelines.
  6. AceBIT:

    • AceBIT outlines fields such as billing address, delivery address, and contact person for order processing.
  7. Mohr:

    • Mohr provides information about the country, shipping address, and form of address in its billing processes.

    • Users are required to inform THRIXXX of changes in credit card details, home or billing address, and security breaches.
  9. Botanischer Garten und Botanisches Museum Berlin-Dahlem:

    • This entity offers mail delivery on account, requiring customers to provide billing and delivery addresses when placing orders.
  10. Uhrcenter:

    • Payment on invoice is available for customers in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The delivery address must match the billing address.
  11. Wunderlich:

    • Wunderlich uses order IDs and billing information for order processing.
  12. AddressDoctor:

    • AddressDoctor offers automated address validation services with a clear cost structure.
  13. ALDisplays:

    • ALDisplays collects customer numbers and delivery addresses for its services.
  14. A1 Telekom Austria:

    • A1 Telekom Austria allows online changes to address registration, billing address, and name change.
  15. Graduate Academy, University of Rostock:

    • Members are exempt from providing a billing address as the course fee is directly charged to their virtual account.
  16. StepStone:

    • StepStone requests billing address and contact data for order processing.
  17. Lyle & Scott:

    • Lyle & Scott refunds the card used for orders; if not possible, they send a cheque to the billing address.
  18. Ringana:

    • Ringana allows users to update shipping and billing addresses during the ordering process.
  19. Calypso Crystal:

    • Calypso Crystal permits different shipping and billing addresses for orders.
  20. ICON-D:

    • ICON-D offers discounts for attendees with the same billing address, promoting group participation.

In summary, the provided article covers a diverse range of topics related to billing, payment, and address management across various industries and services.

card billing address - English-German translation (2024)


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