Want to rent a tiny house? | 250+ Unique Tiny Houses in the Netherlands & Belgium - Original Overnight Stay (2024)


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2 Outdoor room at an organic nursery Netherlands Zeeland Zonnemaire € 115 starting price
4 Tiny House in the forest Netherlands Drenthe Hoogersmilde € 95 from price
4 Sustainable Tiny house Netherlands Zeeland Kerkwerve € 130 from price
2 Off grid Cabin in a hidden place between vast fields and forests Belgium Antwerp Wuustwezel € 198 from price
2 Special overnight stay in a unique View Tower Netherlands Drenthe Veenhuizen € 125 from price
2 Lodges on the Oosterschelde Netherlands Zeeland Burgh-Haamstede € 100 from price
4 Tiny Lodge Eco Sauna Netherlands Gelderland Wekerom € 151 from price
4 Unique Spot hut next to the entrance of the Hoge Veluwe park Netherlands Gelderland Arnhem € 218 from price
5 Tiny House with a unique round shape Netherlands North Brabant Beers € 80 starting price
2 Sleeping in a Diamond Shape Tiny House Netherlands South Holland Sommelsdijk € 100 from price 5.0/ 5
2 Tiny House a 10-minute walk from the beach and the sea Netherlands North Holland Callantsoog € 85 from price 5.0/ 5
4 Unique suite above the water in Zeeland Netherlands Zeeland Kortgene € 147 from price
6 Special holiday home made of scrap wood, Netherlands Drenthe Mantinge € 125 from price 4.6/ 5
4 Experience the farm in a cozy tiny house Netherlands Gelderland Beltrum € 75 starting price
2 overnight stays in a cozy Koestee Netherlands Overijssel De Krim € 59 from price
5 Wikkelhouse Bear Netherlands South Holland Ouddorp € 134 from price
2 Sleeping on the dike in a unique Tiny house Netherlands Flevoland Kraggenburg € 139 from price
4 Cabin with a view of alpacas Netherlands North Brabant Mariahout € 195 from price 4.9/ 5
2 Unique eco cabin Netherlands Zeeland Kats € 135 from price 4.0/ 5
2 Tiny House a 10-minute walk from the sea Netherlands North Holland Callantsoog € 85 from price
2 Tiny house Netherlands Gelderland Olburgen € 100 from price
4 Tiny House with wellness Netherlands Gelderland Wekerom € 197 from price
4 Tiny Houseboat on the water Netherlands Friesland Heeg € 195 starting price
4 Tiny House on the prairie with hot tub and sauna Belgium Ardennes Namur € 150 from price 4.7/ 5


Sleeping in a tiny house

Spending the night in a tiny house is something that fits perfectly with this time. More and more people are choosing to live smaller. Are you curious what it's like to live in a small space and with less stuff for a while? Then book one or more nights in a real tiny house. That is of course not the only reason to book a tiny house: sleeping in such a cozy holiday home guarantees peace and conviviality. Do you already have a tiny house in mind or would you like to look further? Read more about sleeping in a tiny house and booking tiny houses in the Netherlands and Belgium here.

What is a tiny house?

You may have heard of it before: the Tiny House Movement. This special living trend came over from America and has everything to do with small(er) living. In the Netherlands you will find more and more places where people can build their own tiny house to live there. There are different rules for this in every municipality. Residents of tiny houses do everything they can to get the most out of a small space. Such a house is generally no larger than 50m2. Yet you hardly notice it, because a tiny house is fully equipped.

“A tiny house is the ideal romantic overnight stay or as a getaway with friends or family.”

This means that you will not lack anything in such a nice house. Sleeping in a tiny house is much more luxurious than you might have thought. Although you can of course rent different types of tiny houses, most small holiday homes in the Netherlands and abroad are stylish and luxuriously furnished. A smart layout of the whole is always central. It is therefore the ideal place to spend a holiday; whether you are looking for oneromantic overnight staywith your partner or to a cozy getaway to catch up with a friend, your father or your sister.

Tiny house decor

Every tiny house looks different, of course, but the basis is always the same: a small space that is optimally used for a wonderful stay. These small holiday homes have everything you need and every square meter is used. The interior of a tiny house includes a living room with a seating area, a sleeping area, a kitchenette or kitchenette and a bathroom. Some tiny houses have room for two people, while other houses can accommodate four people. In these houses you will usually find an extra bedroom or a sofa bed that can be transformed into a comfortable bed.

In this way, a tiny house is a full-fledged home, although there are some differences to note from a 'normal' holiday home. The space is of course the biggest difference; in a tiny house you have less room to move. Another big difference is that a tiny house is often much more sustainable than a regular home. Did you know that part of the tiny house movement consists of houses that are self-sufficient? This means, for example, that they generate green energy themselves and heat water with a sustainable solar boiler. Other tiny houses are made of sustainable materials, such as this onesustainable cabin in Gelderland. Because you live in a tiny house with much less stuff, you also contribute to a better environment. So a win-win situation!

Types of tiny houses

There are various tiny houses that you can rent, both within and outside the Netherlands. This way you can find a suitable small holiday home for every taste. The locations where tiny houses are located also differ. Most tiny houses are built in nature, where you have plenty of green space around the house, but there are also small holiday homes or special tiny houses that you can rent in or near a city.

Houten tiny house

How nice is it to stay in a wooden tiny house? Of suchwooden housesreally breathe that cabin in the woods atmosphere. Wooden tiny houses are the trend because they are made of sustainable materials and because they have a cozy appearance. The furnishings of a wooden tiny house often have the same atmosphere as the appearance. Think of warm colors, extensive use of natural materials and sustainable applications.

Tiny house XL

Do you want to live small or take a holiday and still enjoy the necessary space? This is possible in a tiny house XL. In a tiny house XL you can sleep with several people, because there is just a little more space. It would not be called a tiny house if such a house did not have smart applications in a small space. In these types of houses you will usually find a loft with one or two sleeping areas or a space has been built onto the house for extra sleeping accommodation. This way you can enjoy less space with more people without getting in each other's way.

Tiny house on choose

The advantage of the tiny house movement is that you can, if you wish, move your tiny home if necessary. That is why you will come across many tiny houses on wheels in your search for a tiny residence. Such houses may sometimes remind you of gypsy wagons or trailers, but with the modern charm of a tiny house. These types of houses are often furnished very differently than a standard tiny house. That's because the space is different - usually more elongated.

Tiny house op het water / Tiny houseboats

Did you know that you can also spend the night on the water in a tiny house? These so-called tiny houseboats, like this onetiny houseboat in Hattem, are usually in a harbor or at a jetty waiting for your visit. The advantage of a tiny house on the water is that you can fully enjoy water life, while enjoying complete facilities in and around the house.

Special tiny houses

Tiny houses are not just square or rectangular wooden houses. Aovernight stay in a kota,sleeping in a gypsy wagonofspend the night in a PODare also good examples of sleeping in a tiny house. After all, these types of accommodations are also small houses in which you usually find everything you need. AlsoWraphouses,sleeping in a shipping containeror staying in a small oneTreehouseare examples of tiny houses. On our website you will find plenty of inspiration for these types of cozy tiny overnight stays.

Why should you really try a tiny house overnight stay?

Spending the night in a tiny house is recommended for everyone. Why? Very simple: tiny houses are cozy and are usually located in the heart of nature. That is why it is the perfect location to relax and break your daily (work) routine. One or two nights in a tiny house can make you feel reborn. Another reason to book a tiny house is because these are still very special overnight stays. You will find the most unique tiny houses for rent in the Netherlands, Belgium and other places in and outside Europe. That is something different than booking a hotel or apartment.

“Once you know what it's like to live comfortably with few things and in a small space, chances are you won't want anything else.”

Maybe you enjoy such an overnight stay so much that you want to experience even more of the tiny house movement yourself. We completely understand that: once you know what it's like to live comfortably with few things and in a small space, chances are you won't want anything else. That urge to 'declutter', leave a green footprint on the earth and be more in nature is something Dutch people increasingly want these days. Let's face it: why not? You help make the world a better place and you can live comfortably and pleasantly; the ideal combination.

Tiny houses in Nederland

In the Netherlands you will find countless tiny houses: places where people actually live in a tiny house and wonderful locations that you can book as unique accommodation. Most houses are located on holiday parks, although there are also many private individuals who rent out a tiny house. They often want nothing more than to share their own dream and preference for small living with you. Such houses are spread throughout the Netherlands: you will find a number of beautiful tiny houses on the Veluwe, but you can also go to the Wadden Islands for a cozy stay.

Tiny house on the Veluwe

De Veluwe nature reserve is one of the most popular green places in our country. That's not surprising: the Veluwe is magical in every season. In the spring you will meet young animals and see the flowers and plants blooming, in the summer the forest and heathland are in full bloom and in the autumn you will be amazed by the many colors in nature. You will find all kinds of things on the Veluwehouses in naturethat you can book for a well-deserved holiday in the green. How about sleeping in onePOD on the Veluwe, from staying in a bunkhouse or in one of the other tiny houses? The choice is huge on the Veluwe.

Tiny house Droomparken

If you have previously searched for sleeping in a tiny house in the Netherlands, there is a good chance that you have come across the tiny houses of Droomparken. Droomparken rents out a large number of cozy tiny houses that fully meet the needs of the modern traveler. Here you will find everything your heart desires: a smartly furnished home made of sustainable materials, a location in nature, cozy furnishings inside and outside the tiny house and in some houses even a hot tub. If you don't want to spend your holiday here, then you want to have such a house yourself, right?

Tiny houses in Belgium

Our southern neighbors also know all too well what tiny house living is. You don't have to travel far to get that worldly feeling. You will find some beautiful ones in the nature of BelgiumBelgian tiny housesthat are rented out. Whether you want to look for something near Luxembourg or in West Flanders: there is a cozy tiny house in every region in Belgium. Because Belgium is not very large in comparison, you can reach a pleasant city, a beautiful nature reserve or the sea in no time from your small holiday home. That is why we definitely recommend that you rent a tiny house in Belgium. In addition to standard wooden tiny houses, Belgium also offers plenty of overnight staystree houses,gypsy wagonsincozy forest houses.

I want to rent a tiny house. What should I pay attention to?

Are you planning to rent a tiny house for a special holiday? Because every tiny house is furnished differently, it is advisable to pay attention to any wishes. For example, do you want the tiny home to have a separate bedroom or is a loft sufficient? Also pay attention to the options in the kitchen: should the house have an oven or microwave? What are the options for cooling food? Other questions you can ask yourself about renting a tiny house are:

  • What is the seating like? Can I sit and relax comfortably enough in the home?
  • Is there WiFi available in the home?
  • Where can you rent the tiny house? Can the house be found at a holiday park or with a private individual?
  • What is the location of the tiny house; in nature or in the city?
  • Do you have a pet that could possibly come with you to the tiny house?
  • Do you need to bring your own bed linen and towels?
  • What is there to do around the tiny house?
  • And not unimportant: how many people do you want to go to a tiny house with?

Give the gift of a night in a Tiny house

Would you like to give a night in a Tiny house as a gift? This is possible with the Original Overnight Gift Voucher. Determine the value of the gift voucher yourself and the recipient can then spend it at all participating accommodations.

>Give the gift of a night away

A tiny house as a holiday home

Have you caught the tiny house virus? We warn you in advance: one or more overnight stays in a tiny house are often so relaxing that there is a chance that you might want to live in such a small home in nature yourself. In the Netherlands, the tiny house movement in which people have a tiny house as their first home is not yet very large, but it is growing. It is more common for people to have a tiny house as a holiday home in which they can spend their own holidays and which they rent out to others. The big advantage of tiny houses as a holiday home is that you have your own sustainable place where you can retreat when you want. If such a house is located on a holiday park, such as the Droomparken mentioned above, you can rent out the tiny house or have it rented out. If you choose the latter, the holiday park will take care of the rental and you do not have to do anything yourself, while you earn money from your holiday home. A tiny house as a second home or holiday home is therefore perfect for your own holiday needs and to earn extra money now or later.

Want to rent a tiny house? | 250+ Unique Tiny Houses in the Netherlands & Belgium - Original Overnight Stay (2024)


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